Interview with “Bellus Magazine”

Bellus Magazine (BM): How did you get into acting?
Stella Maeve (SM): I started acting when I was 4… My step dad showed me “To Kill A Mockingbird” and I fell in love with film.

BM: Tell us about your character, Julia, on “The Magicians”?
SM: Julia is a force. She’s one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever gotten to play. She comes from a background of privilege; she’s highly intellectual, deep, intense, passionate. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. She gets exposed to the world, this world, and a world of magic in ways that put everything she ever knew – or thought she knew – into question.

BM: It seems like Julia’s tapped into the “darker” side of her magical talents compared to the other characters studying at Brakebills. Can you expand on this?
SM: I think it’s darker compared to what Julia was accustomed to. I don’t think she ever would have imagined herself in this realm, which is why it’s so interesting. Without Brakebills as an option, this new “path” has become a part of her journey, one of her many hurtles to be able to practice magic in the format she desires.

BM: Throughout the course of the season, do you find that the television adaption closely follows the novels by Lev Grossman?
SM: I think the show does an excellent job of incorporating the spirit of the books. Granted, storylines must be formatted for the TV, but Lev gave his sign-off to everything, so fans of the book can find comfort in that.

BM: Did you have any experience with magic prior to this project?
SM: Ha! Which type of magic? I like to believe I’ve had some pretty magical encounters with the universe. Also, one of my first jobs was above a Sbarros Pizza in a magic shop, as a magician’s assistant in Madison Square Garden.

BM: What’s next for you? Any other upcoming projects to look out for?
SM: I just finished a film called, “Long Nights, Short Mornings” starring Shiloh Fernandez and directed by Chadd Harbold, which is premiering at SXSW.

BM: What advice do you have for aspiring artists?
SM: Great question. Never stop creating, whatever it is. No artist is ever “finished” or for that matter, satisfied. I don’t believe in boredom. No such thing. And remember, the dark days never last, the sun will shine again.

BM: Bellus is Latin for ‘beauty’. What does beauty mean to you?
SM: Another awesome question. I was recently talking about this with my friend. I’m working on a Polaroid series for what defines beauty. I think it’s all perception. “Beauty is within the eye of the beholder”. What one person deems beautiful, another might not. Just like art. Luckily, I had parents who taught me that beauty comes from within. A person’s soul is what makes them beautiful. We’re just wearing these outer shells, these skins we’re in won’t last… they fade and it’s about what’s left beneath the surface. You can find odd beauty and fascination in anything on this planet. Just look around.

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February 28 – 24th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation’s Oscar Viewing Party

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The Magicians – 1×06 “Impractical Applications” Stills

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Interview with “Starry Mag”

Q) We are a few episodes into “The Magicians,” how has the fan feedback been on social media?
A) The fan feedback has been, from what I have seen and heard, fantastic. People seem to be responding well in regards to my Julia…our Julia.

Q) What can you tease about dynamics shifting as the season progresses?
A) Throughout the season, we get to see all different sorts of dynamics among the characters. Their relationships with themselves and with each other. What is great is that none of these progressions of change are ever “over” or “finished.” They fluctuate and sometimes back track (progress, regress) – emulating real life. We do get to see Julia and Quentin together again towards the end of the season. That much I’ll give away! And it’s worth it.

Q) Is there anything you have added to the role that was not originally scripted?
A) I tried to keep Julia as true to the books as possible, except for what was changed for TV format.

Q) What has been the most challenging aspect of your role?
A) I don’t think I can narrow it down. So much of this role is challenging. To be able to take a character as complex as Julia, already written in novels, and bring her to life on the screen…That, in itself, is challenging.

Q) What drew you to this project or role?
A) The people involved, the trilogy of novels and the element of magic and how it’s a metaphor for our lives. It was the depth, the darkness, the humor and the dark humor. And Julia. She is one of the most interesting characters I have ever gotten to play.

Q) What have you learned or taken away from your experiences working on the show?
A) I have learned how much art imitates life and how life enhances the art. I think with each character I play I learn another fact of myself. I grow more as an artist and a human. And with Julia in particular, I’ve learned a lot about my personal life. I have been through a lot of darkness. I made it through and I’m still here. It reminds me of this quote that I saw somewhere, “Let us walk through the fear as we reach for the stars.”

Q) Is there a specific moment coming up that you can tease or share you are most looking forward to fan reactions?
A) Later in the season, Julia goes through a very traumatic and awful experience. It will be interesting to see how viewers respond.

Q) What do you think it is about the show that has drawn so many viewers in?
A) I think because of the trilogy of books that the show had already secured a fanbase. And in moving forward with the television adaption, it has found a way to encompass fun, campiness and darkness all in one hour.

Q) Are there any special guest stars coming up this season?
A) A magician never reveals his secrets…

Q) Congratulations on the Season 2 pick up! What would you like to see happen for your character?
A) I’m so excited for Season 2! Thank you. I hope to stay close to the books and perhaps see Julia get to speak and develop her special relationship with animals.

The Magicians – 1×05 “Mendings, Major and Minor” Stills

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(Vidéo) The Magicians – 1×06 “Impractical Applications” Promo

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