“The Magicians” Premiere Tour

Join “The Magicians” Premiere Tour with the cast for an exclusive advanced screening. They’re coming to a city near you. Get your magic on!


The Magicians – 1×01 “Unauthorized Magic” Stills

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(Video) THE MAGICIANS | Inside Look at the Story | Syfy

Happy 26th birthday Stella !


Today is a special day… 26 years ago, our wonderful Stella was born in New York. What could be more logical than to wish a happy birthday to our perfect idol. We wish her all the happiness she deserves and send her a lot of love from France and everywhere else. We love you very much Stella. ♥

The Magicians – Promotional Pics

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(Video) Stella and Jason Ralph Interview at NYCC

October 10 – New York Comic-Con 2015 – Day 3

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(Video) The Magicians Season 01 NYCC Trailer

New Instagram pics

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The cast and crew of “The Magicians” at ‪#‎NYCC‬!


Sex, drugs and… magic? Life takes an interesting twist when a group of college kids in New York find out that not only is magic real, but that they are in possession of powers beyond their wildest imagination. Based on author Lev Grossman’s hit fantasy trilogy. Join the cast and the executive producers for a Q&A and to get a first look at this magical drama at New York Comic Con on october, the 10th.

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